When Tragedy Strikes

Have you ever been in a house fire, hopefully not.  Tragedy can strike at any moment in our lives.  A forgotten lit candle, maybe you walked away from the stove for just a moment.  A split second can sometimes be the difference in a life and death situation.  Make sure your smoke alarms have good batteries, and that you also have a fire extinguisher in your home, it wouldn’t hurt to have one in your vehicle either.  Be prepared for the unexpected.  Have you heard of a Jacob’s ladder?  People who live in two story homes need a safe way out if they can’t safely get out through the first floor.  A Jacob’s ladder is meant to hook unto your window sill while you climb down from a second story home.  In the past, rescuers have even suggested keeping something in your bedroom that will break your window in an emergency if you are unable to reach your doors to escape, that suggestion has also been made for the vehicle you drive, in case of water submersion or a car fire.  A safety plan includes a safe meeting place outside of the home for all family members if an emergency was to happen.  Do you have a safety plan for your family to follow in case of emergency? If you do not, now is a great time to make one.

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