"I met Jim and became a client of Patton Properties in June of 2006. I have had nothing but great service from him and his staff; they are very professional, courteous and efficient. Having them manage my rental property couldn’t be any easier. I live out of state and feel that he is looking out for me as the client and helping me to make the best decision when it comes to my property. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a property manager."
- Property Owner, Houston, Tx.

"Thank you for everything. We are out of state investor's. First, we tried to manage the properties ourselves, second we hired and fired another management company, and the third time was the charm, we found Patton Properties following a recommendation by our broker. It has been over 5 years, and Patton Properties has always been responsive, responsible and proactive. We have used Patton Properties as both a Property Manager and Broker. Jim has provided us honest and practical advice in managing the properties and expanding our portfolio. If we could only have a Patton Properties in the other states where we own. But there is only one Patton Properties, the level of customer service and communication to us as out of state owners has delivered a great level of comfort and satisfaction."
- Property Owners Boston, MA

"I have used Jim and Patton Properties since he started his management business and after I bought my first property in the 1970s. Jim is professional and accessible. He has always assisted as I acquired other properties over the years. His ideas on management as well as maintenance and improvements of my rental properties have been very positive. Jim is the reason I still have rental properties after I moved from the Columbia area: I trust him to manage my properties properly and efficiently."
- Property Owner, Charleston, SC

"What began with a listing of two rental properties with Patton Properties in 1993 has grown into a valued business relationship. Through the years more properties have been added with the confidence that my investments are in trust-worthy hands. So trusted, in fact, that my son now has three rental properties handled by Patton Properties.
Thank you, Jim Patton and your staff, for protecting our investments and allowing us to sleep soundly at night."

- Property Owner, Lexington, SC

"Jim Patton has handled the rentals of several rental properties for me since 1990.
Jim provides a turn key rental service. He selects tenants, collects rent, oversees any repairs, handles evictions, and prepares monthly and annual accounting. The monthly accounting is always timely. If I need to contact him at any time, he is always available and efficient. If there is a problem, he takes the appropriate action to resolve it effectively. I have been very satisfied with his services."

- Property Owner, Kingstree, SC

"As a property owner I could not be happier. Communication is excellent and they are quick to resolve any issues. I was very pleased to find that they do not mess around with late payments or any other tenant issues. They move quickly to ensure payment, or start more aggressive process such as eviction.
I found Patton Properties after a different company skipped town with security deposits from me and many other property owners. I was pressed to find a company as I lived across the country. I have never met them in person, but been working with them and could not be more pleased. Their rates are the best I have seen, and for the small amount they receive from me they work their butts off. If you are looking for a property manager this is the company to do it, do not look any farther."

- Property Owner, Florida