4 Ways For Homeowners To Hurricane-Proof your Home Exterior

4 Ways For Homeowners To Hurricane-Proof your Home Exterior

As a homeowner, you need to storm-proof your home. Otherwise, your insurance company may deny your claims in case of hurricane damage. However, if you use the following tips to reinforce the exterior, you can reduce this to a minimum:

1. Secure All of Your Outdoor Furniture

As the wind picks up, loose items in your yard may get airborne as well. If those aren’t anchored down, they can do a lot of damage to your glass doors and windows. This includes patio furniture, plants, garbage cans and sharp gardening tools.

Before the bad weather hits, bring these items inside (if they are small enough), anchor them down with weights or store them in the garage or the shed. Consider anchoring down your patio furniture before the hurricane makes its presence known.

2. Secure the Windows

Before the hurricane hits, replace the glass in your windows with storm-proof glass and add shutters as well. The shutters can always be removed later but make sure you get ones that come with quality fasteners and tracts. If you are interested, search for plywood that is about 5/8 inches thick for your shutters. 

You should also consider installing wind-resistant glass. The investment will protect your home from shattered windows and other entry points that can allow the storm water in.  Talk with your property manager for further guidance.

3. Secure And Brace The Doors

Your exterior doors are basically entry points. The high wind from a hurricanes can blow them open easily even if all of the locks are closed. Consider replacing them with fiberglass or double doors (one door secures another). These also come with reinforcement kits that can provide an extra level of protection.

Besides the exterior doors of your home, you should also secure your garage doors. Install bracing plates or replace the doors with metal ones that can withstand the pressure of the storm without buckling. 

4. Prep your Yard and Clean The Gutters

One of the best ways to limit hurricane damage to your home’s exterior is landscaping. If you keep your lawn neat and free of debris, you can minimize the damage. Besides pruning all of the trees and bushes, remove loose branches that may become projectiles once the wind picks up. If you spot a tree that is about to fall, have it removed professionally.

Most people tend to forget the gutters, which may be clogged with fallen leaves and dirt. By ensuring the gutters are free of debris, rainwater from the storm will not accumulate on the roof which may otherwise damage it. 

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