Ways Online Portals can Make Your Life Easier as a Tenant

Ways Online Portals can Make Your Life Easier as a Tenant

For tenants, paying rent can be a hassle if they have no choice but to pay it manually. This is where an online tenant portal can make a positive difference. Here are just some of the benefits it offers that can not only streamline rent payments, but also decrease tenant turnover significantly:

1. Pay Rent Online Anytime

Paying rent via mail can cause a number of issues especially in the middle of a pandemic. For any reason whatsoever, you may end up delaying rent, may not be able to get out of the house to pay it, or forget to pay it by the due date. However, if you have access to an online tenant portal, you can transfer that amount to your landlord with a click of a button. 

Nothing will get lost in the mail and you won’t have to worry about a check bouncing. Besides paying rent on time, you can also avoid late charges and can pay anytime and anywhere from the comfort of your phone. Since all of the documents and payment records are saved on the portal, historical information will be at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Did you know you can submit your maintenance requests via your online tenant portal?

2. Request and Track Progress of Maintenance Work

A broken pipe in the bathroom or a short circuit can have devastating consequences for your home and are never pleasant. When you placce your maintenance request through your online tenant portal you can attach a picture and track the status of your work order.

With an online tenant portal, you don’t have to call an electrician or a plumber or try to reach someone in the management office. Just send in a request. Simple, easy, and fast. You can also check the status of any other requests you may have sent as well. That way, you can be aware of your current status and plan activities accordingly. An online portal can get you faster service than if you used your phone or Google. 

The bottom line is the AppFolio online tenant portals are easy, fast and secure ways to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and even allows you to view your lease online. Using it proactively can make your life easier and more manageable.

At Patton Properties, Inc. we have represented countless property owners through the years and offer solutions that can ensure long-term tenant satisfaction. It is one of the main reasons why tenants and landlords trust us. Tenants can use our website or online app to place maintenance requests and/or pay rent. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play and App Store

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