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No Washer Dryer

System - Wednesday, April 8, 2015
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Proper Use of Washer Dryer Hookups

One of our tenants rents an apartment with washer and dryer connections but have NO washer. The community is 29 units and they come up with the idea that they can connect a water hose to the washer connection and wash their cars outside in the parking lot. They said they reviewed their lease and it did not say they could not wash their cars on the property. They said that since they have no washer and are not using water for washing clothes that using water to wash cars should be ok. We saw this, sent them notice that they violated their lease and we assessed damages to them. They used connections for appliances and fixtures that were not installed for such a purpose. They used the property in a manner other than designed. They did not use provided fixtures and outlets in a reasonable manner. Our lease addresses this in section 6, items #1 & #5. One person's washer connection is another's car wash?

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