How to Keep Pollen Out of Your Home

  • Remain indoors in the morning when the pollen levels are highest. Sunny, windy days can be especially bothersome for allergy sufferers. If you have a pollen allergy and you must work outdoors, you can wear tight fitting face masks that are designed to filter pollen out of the air before it reaches your nasal passages.
  • Keep your lawn mowed to prevent grasses from blooming and pollinating. When you do mow your grass, wear a mask to filter out the pollen particles.
  • When you are in your car, keep your windows closed and your air conditioning on re-circulate.
  • At home keep your windows closed during peak hours of the day, and be sure to replace your heating/cooling air filters regularly.
  • Obtain a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. They are very effective in removing pollen from the air indoors without contaminating the environment with molds.
  • Pets bring in pollen on their fur. Brushing them thoroughly before they come in will keep them from “tracking” pollen inside.
  • Remove shoes before going inside.
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