3 Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained During Social Isolation

3 Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained During Social Isolation

The Covid 19 pandemic has forced schools to close down indefinitely. As such one of the main difficulties parents are facing right now is how they can keep their children engaged indoors. Here are some fun activities that can entertain them and help you bond at the same time:

Activity 1 – A Nature Hunt

The warm weather will attract a lot of creepy crawlies and birds to your  lawn especially if it has a birdbath. Encourage your kids to get some fresh air by making a list for them to find such as a worm, a bumblebee, a snail, a butterfly, a specific bird, squirrels etc.

Pretty soon your children will be preoccupied with finding these so they can cross them off their list. It’s a great teaching technique if you want to educate your children and bond with them at the same time.

Activity 2 - Tape Lines

This is a simple activity that can help your kids expel pent up energy. Make five to ten lines of tape about a foot apart from one another on the floor. The first one will be the ‘starting line.’ Give your children these instructions to start the fun:

Long Stretch -  Challenge your kids by asking them to jump over (without running) as many of the taped lines as they can. Score them on it.

Run and Jump – Ask your kids to leap over the lines but this time give them a running start. Score this as well.

Reach and Stretch – Score your kids on how far they can reach by keeping one foot on the starting line. 

This activity is great if your kids are hyperactive and need exercise daily  to spend some of that pent up energy. 

Activity 3  - Don’t Let The Balloon Fall

This classic game is fun for kids, parents and the family pet so everyone can get involved. All you need to do is inflate a balloon and throw it in the air. The catch? It cannot touch the floor, ever! To make it more challenging, have the kids juggle more than one balloon or with one had tied to their back.

If you have two kids or more, make them count how many times they can hit it back and forth without it touching the ground. This activity is great for improving hand/eye coordination and strength. 

Activity 4 – Do the Penguin Waddle

This activity involves a balloon as well. All you need to do is place it between your kids’ knees and make them waddle across the room without dropping it. If it drops, they have to start all over again till they can get to the finish line without dropping it.

If you have several children, divide them into teams and keep score on how many times each one reaches the end without dropping their balloons. You can even use a timer to see how fast they can do it. 

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