Phone: (803) 256-2184
Fax: (803) 779-3255

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Simply fill out the form to the left and email to, you can fax it to us at 803.779.3255, or call the Maintenance Line at 803.256.9134; we will address your maintenance issue.

If this is a life threatening emergency call 911 immediately.


Repair or damage caused by your negligence or misuse is your responsibility. In such cases, repairs will be made, but you will be charged for the cost of the labor and materials. Damages or plumbing stoppages caused by your negligence or misuse will be paid by you.

More tenant information:

  • Water: City of Columbia Water 803.545.3300
  • City of West Columbia 803.791.1880
  • City of Cayce 803.796.9020
  • Town of Lexington 803.359.4164 ext. 3
  • Utilities Inc., formerly Carolina Water Services of SC 800.272.1919
  • Electric /Gas: Dominion Energy, formerly South Carolina Electric & Gas 800.251.7234
  • Mid-Carolina Electric 888.813.8000
  • Trash: City Of Columbia Sanitation: 803.545.3800
  • City of Forest Acres 803.782.9475
  • Richland County Garbage 803.929.6000
  • Waste Industries, Lexington County 803.935.0249

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Phone: (803) 256-2184
Fax: (803) 779-3255

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